8 facts about Grammar that can make smart people look dumb

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  1. Rishi says:

    Hey shweta, nice post and interesting examples. I didn’t know about the advantages of writing in active voice and I will take care of it from now. I have seen may people getting confused with your and you’r, its and it’s – use of apostrophe they use it interchangeably.

    • Shweta Saxena says:

      Hi Rishi, thanks. Yea, there are a lot of similar sounding words that have different meanings altogether. That is the reason I use Grammarly 🙂

  2. sagar upadhyay says:


    I use ginger it also helps in translating into other languages though not as good as Grammarly at checking grammatical errors.

  3. Parht taneja says:

    Quite a detailed one. I saw ur post on a group found it interesting and eventually I ended up reading almost all of ur articles. U write well shweta

  4. Natasha says:

    Shweta I am a content writer and I have written articles for companies like your story, babychakra I would like to contribute an article as a guest post. Please share ur email id where I can send the details

  5. akhil says:

    Hi shweta, I believe there is no substitute to a vigilant human proofreader, though these tools help learning grammar to a great extent.

    • Shweta Saxena says:

      you are right Akhil, but on request Grammarly can help you get your content proofread by human being. That is a paid service.

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