8 Reasons Why You Should Startup

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8 Responses

  1. Good things are happening…but ground reality for small startups are still….question-mark….!

    • Shweta Saxena says:

      Not small, but “me-too” startups are the ones which are loosing the battle. Customers as well as investors value innovation and disruption, no matter how small you are.

  2. tejas says:

    very inspiring article, scenerio is changing fast and we must transform ideas into action. Otherwise somebody else will startup with your idea. BDW groffers was my idea 😉

  3. minal says:

    hi, you have a nice collection of articles based on data and analysis! can you suggest any other site where I can find industry analysis? or if you can cover real estate in india?

    • Shweta Saxena says:

      Hi Minal, thanks for the compliment. We will soon write an article on Real Estate. You can also find valuable information on Tracxn website.

  4. Raj Kumar Reddy says:

    Very Interesting article ma’am. I also have written an article about the same topic a few weeks back. 8 reasons why now is the best time for your startup? http://ownstartup.com/2015/12/14/why-now-is-the-best-time-for-your-startup/

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