Build your money making website in 1 hour (Guide for non technicals)

3 easy steps to build a money making website


In 2019, over 2 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online, up from 1.46 billion global digital buyers in 2015. The world is moving online, and there has been a tectonic shift in the buying behavior. Hence, it is no more a matter of choice but is imperative for any business person to have an online presence.

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There are still some great businesses who are scared of going online just because they think it’s not their cup of tea. Well! By the end of this article, you will find it even easier than making a cup of tea for your beloved spouse.

This guide aims to help you make a website of your own. Either you are an established business in your local area and wants to spread your wings, or you are completely a novice and wish to have your own startup, or you are thinking to start a blog of your own, this guide is for you. By the end of this article, your would be ready to launch your own money-making website. The purpose of creating a site could be different, but the process flow for all remains almost the same.

Step 1: Your Website needs a name

Domain name is the address of your site that people put in the search bar to find your site. Your domain name could be used for a website, blog or an email account. For eg., is the domain name to reach the internet site of Exploring Startups.

However, just registering a domain name does not mean you have an operational website. You need to build one and host it with a website hosting company.

Website hosts are the companies that house, serve, and maintain files for one or more websites.

What should be your domain name


Before you decide the domain name for your website you need to be clear for what purpose you are going to use the website

If you already have a company: Your domain name should be your company/ brand’s name. However if you are still thinking of a good name for your startup then read approaches to choosing a name for your startup.

For Personal Branding: Then you should use your name necessarily. Like,

Should be short:

Ideally, it should be within the word limit of 11 words but try not to go beyond 15. Shorter names are easy to remember, share and less vulnerable to typo errors.

Do not use

Avoid using hyphens and numbers. Hyphens detract from credibility and can act as a spam indicator.

Always use .com

Do not go for any other TLD (Top Level Domain) other than a .com. For best ranking results use .com extension.

domain usage

Get your domain name from Godaddy for just $.99

I prefer buying domain name from Godaddy since it is a more economical solution. But I would not suggest to go for hosting from Godaddy. It is very easy to transfer your name servers to another hosting.

$.99* .COM Domain! Get going with GoDaddy!

Step 2: Find a home for your website

Just like you need a home to live, secure your belongings, similarly your website needs a home too. Hosting sites lend you space on their servers where all your files and database are stored.

To make it super easy for you, I have demonstrated the whole process with relevant images. I would recommend to host your website/blog for their continuous customer support and service quality. More than 25% of Websites on built on WordPress and Hostgator is one of the hosting site that offers one click WordPress Installation and your blog/website is up and running.

1- Visit

Go to And click on “Get Started”. Hostgator has three shared hosting plans- Hatchling, Baby, and Business.You will be taken to the plans page.


2- Choose the plan

Choose your plan according to your business needs- current and future. If you are just starting up and are sure that you will not need another website down the line, then you may choose the hatchling plan. However, if you are growing fast, you may need another domain then you may go for the baby plan. The business plan is for service oriented sites where you are providing services like development/ customization of websites and requires a toll-free number, dedicated IP address, and SSL certificate.

It is advisable to go for hatchling plan if you are serious and determined to grow. You may need more domain names for the same website name. For eg.,,,, etc.

But, if you are not very sure about your expansion plans and don’t want to risk your money by paying upfront you may choose the baby plan to get started with. It is free to upgrade plans later (you need to pay the updated plan pricing on a prorated basis).

3- Register a domain name

Once you have chosen your plan, you will be directed to the Hostgator Order form. Simple process to follow here is:

You can register your domain name with Hostgator or any other website like GoDaddy or NameCheap. If you wish to register with Hostgator, then click on the first tab “Register your domain name.”

If you have registered your domain name with any other website then also you can point the domain name to Hostgator. In this case, click on the second tab “I already own this domain”.

Enter the name you wish to have for your website and search for a dot com extension. I would advise not to settle for any other extension other than dot com.

Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Dedicated Website Hosting w: cPanel - 2016-07-04 14-56-30

4- Uncheck all other boxes

At the end of the page, you will find a checked box offering privacy protection. Hostgator hides your personal contact information like name, email address, etc. for $12.95/yr. Uncheck if you don’t want this.

Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Dedicated Website Hosting w: cPanel - 2016-07-04 15-30-13

Also, uncheck the other four boxes that you will find on scrolling down. Almost all the purposes can be fulfilled with free plugins. So here you can save some more money.

Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Dedicated Website Hosting w: cPanel - 2016-07-04 17-09-16

5- Choosing the appropriate plan

Now choose the billing scheme- 1 month/ 12 months or 36 months. Selecting a plan for 36 months can get the maximum benefit of 40% to you.

choose a plan

So if you trust the site and want to go for a long term business relationship with Hostgator, then you may end up saving $146.05. You may also go for 12-month deal where you are still saving 25%.

6- Fill in your payment details

Very carefully fill in all your card details. If you have a Paypal account you can easily make the payment it. as well.

5- Account Information

7- Use Coupon Code and Review Order Details

You may see a coupon code already mentioned in the code field if the website is offering any discount at the time of your making the website. While I was creating the account I could see the coupon code “FREEUPGRADE3” by default. With this coupon code I could save $ 38.05 automatically.

total bill amount

8- Agree to the terms and Checkout

Once you are satisfied with the offer, check the terms and condition box and then click on the checkout now!

Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Dedicated Website Hosting w: cPanel - 2016-07-04 17-11-04
Soon you will receive an email like mentioned below. Along with your plan details, the email contains access details to your control panel (the panel from where you can manage your website files and hosting) and also two nameservers (they are unique numbers which have to be manually set-up at the back-end to make your site live).

6- Processing Your Order

Soon you will receive an email like mentioned below. Along with your plan details, the email contains access details to your control panel (the panel from where you can manage your website files and hosting) and also two nameservers (they are unique numbers which have to be manually set-up at the back-end to make your site live).

8-Cpanel Login and Password Email

Step 3: Hosting and Installing a Website Building Platform

Now, you have a site name and a host, but you still don’t have a working website. It is like have a registered a shop name and a plot for your shop. You need to have a building which people can see and can come to. For that, you need a Website Building Platform.

My preferred choice is always the WordPress. Although there are many substitutes to WordPress like Joomla, Magento. WordPress outperforms others due to its simplicity and being yet an effective solution.

More than 25% of the websites of the world are powered by WordPress, which is a leading Content Management System with more than 56% market share. Some leading Content Management Systems and the percentage of websites built on it are mentioned below:

WordPress- 26.5%
Joomla- 2.6%
Drupal- 2.2%
Magento- 1.3%

WordPress is used by e-bay, Mozzilla, Google Ventures and even NASA. There is not just one reason behind huge success of WordPress. WordPress is awesome because –

It is free, and most of its plugins (plug and play software to enhance the functionality of your website) are also free.
Beginner friendly- you need not be a developer/ coder or an IT guy to install and work on WordPress. Its intuitive Admin panel makes development/ customization of a site a child’s play.
There are thousands of high-quality themes available (both free and paid) which are business specific and give your site a world class look in a matter of seconds.

Install WordPress on Hostgator

1-Refer to the e-mail you have received from Hostgator and click on the URL referring to your control panel. Input the username and password mentioned in the email.

9-Cpanel Login
You will find the following screen.

2-Locate “ QuickInstall” in the Software and Services section towards the end of the page.
Click on “QuickInstall”.

10-Control Panel

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 2.17.05 pm

On the left, you will find an option to get started with WordPress click on it, and you will see an image like

12-Install WordPress for Free

3-click on “Install WordPress.”

4-Fill the form to install WordPress. Don’t worry I will help you with that also.
The first and left tab is your website URL. Click on the drop down and choose the right URL. Leave left tab empty if this is your main site and not a subdomain.
Fill in the rest of the personal details like your email id, first name, last name. Blog title can be your website name, and  in the “admin user” write your nickname or add a suffix to your name. Don’t use the word “admin” as your admin user, due to security issues. All done, hit “Install WordPress” button.

13- Install WordPress Credentials

5-Within few seconds your installation will complete. By clicking on the “view credentials” drop down menu you will get your WordPress login details.

15-Wordpres Installation Complete


16-Mojo Email

6-You can navigate to your WordPress Admin panel by visiting the link (company name will be your domain name). Enter your login credentials received in the screenshot above to get access to your WordPress Admin panel. This is the admin panel from where you are going to control your WordPress related customization.

17-Wordpress Login
7- After successful login, you should see the screen as below.

18-Wordpress Dashboard

Here you are! Inside your WordPress dashboard. Reset password, write your first post and explore it thoroughly.

Do mention in comments if you stuck up anywhere.

This is our first article in the series of making a business site by yourself. We will be bringing you further updates on how to do things.

I believe you can now do all of it by yourself. However, if you want me to install your WordPress for free, please write to me at

  1. Anshul rawat 1 year ago

    Very elaborative post mam.. but can I host my site on hostgator if I have purchased domain name from somewhere else?

    • Digvijay 1 year ago

      Yes Anshul you can do that. Hostgator will ask if already own the domain name or not and accordingly modifies the process.
      Please let us know if you need any help in installation.

  2. Shikha 1 year ago

    I have finalised the most suitable name for my blog but I am not getting .com what should I do

    • Profile photo of Shweta Saxena Author
      Shweta Saxena 1 year ago

      Shikha, I would say if you don’t get a .com for your name- then change your name 🙂

  3. Aarti 1 year ago

    Really appreciate all the effort you have put in in this post and cleared out some doubts that I had with designing my web site. Thank you.

    • Profile photo of Shweta Saxena Author
      Shweta Saxena 1 year ago

      Hi Aarti, I am really glad you found some value in the post.

  4. Nischal 1 year ago

    Mam I hv purchased the domain name dot com version after reading this article… can u help me choose appropriate hosting plan? I am not sure if I would really need more than 1 domain

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