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Learn the art of blogging, from scratch. Learn how to build your blog on Wordpress without having any technical background.

Blogging is something you may learn and start as a part-time activity. You do not require a co-founder. This is the best way to monetize your knowledge with a job at hand. If you consider yourself to be an authority a domain, then you can easily try your hands at it without risking your job.

Blogging is a complete business in itself. It involves having a product which is the content,  advertising your blog to reach users, pitching companies for advertisements, managing your traffic using analytical tools etc. And do not underestimate its money making potential. Taking the example from India alone, monthly income of few Indian blogs is around 20-30 lakhs.

8 Essential and FREE plugins for your WordPress Blog 1

8 Essential and FREE plugins for your WordPress Blog

In this article, I will talk about the 8 must-have plugins for your WordPress blog. This is in continuation with my article in the series of illustrating how to develop your own money making...