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Get insights on startups in various sectors. We strive to get you the best insights on various concepts related to startups. From the very basic understanding of the term”startups” to what are the trending sectors, which sectors are not doing well information you can find here. These startup insights will immensely help you choose a niche for your startup. it will also save you from entering sectors that are not doing well.

Startups in India

The startup revolution has just started in India and offers huge scope for the future. One or two players are not enough to cover the entire market of 1.2 billion people. Basic funda is to be different, solve a potential problem and create your own niche.

From Facebook to Google all had messaging app but WhatsApp broke the clutter and became $ 19 billion app. When Ola came in 2010, Meru was already operational. Ola identified the gaps like high taxi rentals, high turn around time in services, high inventory and maintenance cost. So, Ola came up with a different model – Taxi aggregation, wherein it did not own the cars and thus offered rides at far cheaper rates. In a short span of time it captured 80% market share and emerged as, a leader.

We help you explore various sectors and find gaps left by the incumbents. You can strike the iron when incumbents have left it hot.

ideas are often considered confedential 3

So What If you Have an Idea?

Entrepreneurs frequently approach me seeking advice but are reluctant to share their idea. An aversion to sharing your big idea is always an early sign of failure. Potential entrepreneurs fall into two distinct camps:...