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Get inspired by the most interesting startup stories. Each startup has a unique story. It does not matter whether the startup failed or succeeded. What matters is what you as an entrepreneur learned from that experience. Yes, you can not eat and drink your learnings. Therefore one must fail fast, learn faster and work hard to make the next venture succeed. You know why you need to hear their story! We all want to learn from other’s mistakes.

Let the success stories inspire you, learn from the examples of failure so that you make a contious decision for your startup.

Aisle Network founder Able Joseph says his company is not a clone of Tinder 0

Why we didn’t clone Tinder

When I’m asked about what we do, I start by saying — “We’re a dating app”. But before I continue, I’m usually greeted back with a un-intrigued handshake and the words “Ah! you mean like Tinder” — ending...


Plug & play messaging toolkit for your app/website

What does your startup do? Applozic is a robust “Plug & Play Messaging” toolkit which enables in app or website messaging. We enable messaging and audio/video calling functionality in any app or website. IN SIMPLE, WE ENABLE “WHATSAPP LIKE CHAT...