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Learn to build your Wordpress blog/website from scratch without having any technical knowledge. From installing Wordpress to choosing themes, plugins and SEO tips.

WordPress powers more than 25% of the websites of the world. It is a leading Content Management System with more than 56% market share.

WordPress is used by e-bay, Mozzilla, Google Ventures and even NASA. There is not just one reason behind the huge success of WordPress. WordPress is awesome because –

It is free, and most of its plugins (plug and play software to enhance the functionality of your website) are also free.
Beginner friendly- you need not be a developer/ coder or an IT guy to install and work on WordPress. Its intuitive Admin panel makes development/ customization of a site a child’s play.
There are thousands of high-quality themes available (both free and paid) which are business specific and give your site a world class look in a matter of seconds.

8 Essential and FREE plugins for your WordPress Blog 1

8 Essential and FREE plugins for your WordPress Blog

In this article, I will talk about the 8 must-have plugins for your WordPress blog. This is in continuation with my article in the series of illustrating how to develop your own money making...