How to choose a profitable niche for blogging


We have already discussed that keyword is important for SEO and should be kept in mind while writing a blog post. Now we will discuss how to choose a profitable niche for blogging with the help of keyword research for free.

Broadly, I come across two categories of bloggers:

  1. Those who are very enthusiastic & passionate about a particular topic and have almost decided their niche and another
  2. Those who want to make a passive income and are willing to write anything under the sun that can facilitate them in making money.

Which path should we follow? Firstly, a perfect niche would be the one that is of great interest to you and you have good authority on the subject matter. Secondly, it should be monetizable.

This guide aims to help you to choose a profitable niche for blogging.

Step 1: Your Interest:

Certainly, this is the hygiene factor but this factor alone cannot give you desired results if it is not complemented with other factors. “Always listen to your heart, it is on the left but is always right” may be, but not this time. For writing a blog which has monetary benefits, you just cannot blindly follow your heart and start writing anything you feel crazy for.

There has to be a proper plan in place. And let me tell you it’s not that easy. Had it been so everybody would have been blogging and earning millions while working from home.

Step 2: Decide Monetisation Model

So here we start backward, deciding how to monetize the blog. The two most prominent sources of monetization of blogs are Affiliate and AdSense. Adsense works best if you have good traffic on your blog, while affiliate works wonders if you are writing for a very specific targeted segment.

Depending on your monetisation model you can decide what kind of articles you need to write. If you wish to earn through Google Adsense then “getting traffic” should be your main aim. The more the traffic the merrier your Adsense report. It might come to you as a surprise that many bloggers have Adsense as their main source of passive income. Amit Agarwal, often called ‘The father of Indian Blogging’ and the founder of Labnol, shared in 2014 that his monthly income was $30,000-40,000, and the majority of it was from Adsense.

Below is a break up of Google’s earning from Adwords and the most expensive keywords are from Insurance, Loans and Mortgage niche. So if you plan your plan around these topics you are likely to be paid much higher by Google Adsense for each click your visitors make on a high bid keyword.

Here you will be earning money just from the clicks. While in Affiliates it is generally a commission earned on the sales made or a lead generated. That needs not just the traffic but much more than that.

most expensive keywords

If you decide to go by Affiliate way of monetisation then quickly decide a niche for yourself.

Having a niche blog has its own advantage:

1- Once your targeted audience becomes aware of your existence and find a solution to their problems on your blog, you may expect a high organic traffic.

2- It is easy to build authority for specific markets.

3- Once you have established your authority, your recommendations can churn good passive income for you.

There is no harm putting Adsense along with Affiliate marketing but do not expect much returns from Adsense since your traffic would be highly targeted but low in numbers.

Step 3:  Choosing a profitable niche

For an example let us say I am passionate about dogs and can talk day and night about them. What’s there for you, is that I can give some really helpful tips to take care of your golden retriever.

Now if you have recently bought a golden retriever puppy and found a couple of my tricks helpful then it is very much probable that next time when your puppy is not eating anything you will search for my blog and look for answers.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is an official product from Google. It gives you a traffic estimation of your targeted keywords and also help in finding more relevant and related keywords for your niche.

What is Keyword research:

Simply finding out which “words” are searched most on the search engine.

Why is it important?

The more a word is searched, means it is an issue that people wants to know about more. People are searching left right and corner to get information on this particular WORD.

How to decipher which keywords are precious?

Create an account on Google AdWords, go to tools and click on Keyword Planner. Go to the Keyword planner and write the broader topic of your blog.

keyword planner

In the Keyword planner, write your idea and click on “Get Ideas.”

Keyword Planner – keyword ideas

Search Term

So you can see that Golden Retriever is a popular search term with “1.5 million”  average monthly searches. So here is the good news! People are searching for queries related to the golden retriever and this is a good start.

Keyword by relevance

It means Google has given searches details for the terms it considers relevant to your searched item.With the Keyword (by relevance) you can get a fair idea that rottweiler is even more searched keyword in the related niche but look at the suggested bid (31.82) which is lower than golden retriever’s (62.81). Higher the suggested bid easier it is to convert the traffic into paying customers and higher will be your affiliate income.

Suggested bid

It gives you a hint regarding the commercial intent of the keyword. The more the better. It is not at all advisable to switch your niche to a high bidding keyword but you may certainly zero on a better one amongst the related topics.

Like, looking at the figure above you may see that people are more concerned about their golden retriever puppies. Marketers are betting more money for Golden Retriever rescue term but at the same time, competition is medium.


It is easier for a new blog to rank for a low competition keyword. It is recommended to go for a keyword where competition is low.

Apart from Google Keyword Planner, there are other paid tools like Long Tail Pro that automatically calculates a simple 0-100 score based on a proprietary algorithm.

Long Tail Pro - Keyword Research Software - Start For Free 2016-07-18 17-43-58

Ad Group Ideas

Switching on to the other tab called “Ad Group Ideas” can give you few more suggestions that might have been skipped and this is more from the monetization point of view. This is the Adwords competition.

Keyword Planner – ad group ideas

The crux of the matter is while considering keyword for your blog keep in mind that the

  1. Volume Search: should be higher than at least 1000 searches per month
  2. Competition : should be low
  3. Suggested bid: Above Rs 50 or $1

Google Trends

You can also check on Google trends for the popularity of the searched term over a period of time.

Here you can compare the popularity of various words and sort your search results according to time, and region.

Google Trends search result for golden retriever

As we discussed earlier that more the bid amount higher would be the competition and vice-a-versa. So, here is a trade off. Either you can choose an easy to convert niche for your blog where it could be extremely difficult to rank high. Or you may choose a low competition niche with a decent bidding amount. I would recommend the later one.

My 1st priority is low competition and then I will choose the highest bidding option amongst them. By this, I end up choosing “Golden Retriever Puppies” as the blog title.

Just like you have your own priority list while choosing your life partner, you need to have one here as well. My recommendation would be:

Choose amongst the blog niches where you believe you have the competent authority and extraordinary interest. Choosing a profitable domain with low interest cannot take you far. The only factor that differentiates a successful blogger with others is the persistence and perseverance that comes only when you have the zeal for your topic and you are always dying to share your unique experiences with others.

Do not choose profitability over your interest.

I hope you find this guide helpful. Do let me know in comments what strategy you follow to decide your blog niche or even post title.



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