Code of Conduct

Exploring startups continuously monitor all its forums. Each forum has a moderator reviewing every single post shared on the platform. Our aim is to provide answers to the question asked by the members in as much detail as possible. You may find your answer/post deleted if:

1- Your answer/post is a copy paste material, unless it is highly targeted to the question being asked or

2- Is a link back to a particular website and the content is not specifically answering the concerned question or related to the topic of the forum.

  • Your posts include repeated link backs to a particular website
  • Your post contains something abusing, indecent or words that do not comply to netiquettes
  • If the moderators consider your post as spam

It is strictly not an advertising platform. We request you to refrain yourself from spamming or advertising your business. You may find yourself deleted or even blocked from the forum.

Exploring Startups is not answerable to the members and partners for the deleted posts or blocked members as the decision-making is highly subjective. This is to make sure that the members make full utilization of their time spent on the website and do not have to separate the weed from the chaff.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.




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