How SurpriseSomeone is spreading smiles through its unique gifting platform


On online shopping platforms there is no dearth of generic products, but to create a lasting impression with a unique and memorable gift, one needs to go the extra mile. Nothing can beat the surprise element when clubbed with a gift from a loved one.

As put by famous French tragedian, Pierre Corneille ” The manner of giving is worth more than the gift”, Pinky rightly understood the latent psychological need of human of being pampered and came up with the idea of surprising someone with a gift. “Materialistic things can make you happy for a while, but effort driven things straight away touches the heart and remains for lifelong.” Says Pinky.

The perfect duo- Pinky and her mom Sharda Daga co-founded SurpriseSomeone after Pinky decided to say good-bye to her full-time corporate job. That’s when this mommy converted her passion into a profession and decided to be a MOMPRENEUR. “Let’s just say that spreading happiness and giving surprises is in my blood. It’s a part of me; it’s how my friends know me. It’s something I always had the back of my mind while doing a regular corporate job says Pinky.

SurpriseSome, one offers unique gifting solutions for its users. The categories include Love Gifts, Gift Bags, Frames, Cushion Covers, Package your Gifts and Other Categories. Each category is flourished with unique and creative artefacts most of them are handmade sourced by the co-founders from the hidden nooks and corners of the country. The startup goes beyond displaying an array of beautiful artefact on their website to planning a surprise with their customers. The ultimate aim of SurpriseSomeone is to let their client gift a smile to their loved ones.


Let us learn from Pinky, her experience of being an entrepreneur

Why the name- Surprise Someone

It’s not so much about the money but the thought of creating something unique for the customer. Since it was all about surprises and surprising all the lovely ones out there, we thought what better name can we give it other than SURPRISE SOMEONE.

What was the most challenging part of your journey so far

Initially, it was tough for me, as business requires all kinds of skills and not just passion till the time you build up your own team. In the beginning, I only had my passion, creativity and a belief that “I can and I will”. Slowly and gradually we developed that business acumen and that was when SURPRISE SOMEONE saw its light.

What all it took to see the light of the day

Undoubtedly, it’s the team effort put in by the fellow employees that helped us to sail through. Without the excellent capabilities of our incredible team, we wouldn’t have come this far. We have zero bad debts and zero debtors even if we give or sell bulk orders on credit or with 50% advance, and the reason for our success is the astounding team effort.

Why do you think you are different from your competitors?

I never believed in the word ‘competition’. It’s always good to observe people from a varied background, trying to serve the market differently. I always make an effort to learn from them how to manage and grow their operation and incorporate their good points in our business.

Surprise Someone has a website offering an array of beautiful artefacts. While most items are unique and bespoke of elegance, a few of our items are also being sold from companies dealing with them exclusively. We consider ourselves a one-stop shop specialising in creating unique gifts for the customer. In this fast-paced world of digital, these gifts are definitely unique as they are handmade.

We help people plan innovative and thoughtful surprises and then we also develop products, which have the WOW effect.

What have been your notable achievements so far?

Every day is an achievement for us as we get 5-6 phone calls, 10-12 personal whats app messages and 2-3 emails stating that “you guys made our day, you made it really special by adding your flavour…your ideas help people bonded with their relationships.”

There was one client of ours who was celebrating 15th Wedding Anniversary, and we helped her with a surprise, which made her husband feel out of the world. They felt like newly married and were totally rejuvenated by the entire idea. So like we say, it is not money with which you come to surprise someone but only your efforts.

Pinky also shared her future plan to enter the corporate market where she wants to touch the mechanical life of corporate executives and make it more interesting. “We will soon be working for telecom and banks where we will be helping their HNI base surprise and connect emotionally with them” says Pinky. But that’s not it. SurpriseSomeone starts thinking after everyone stops. You can also expect in-flight, movie, restaurant surprises planned by your dear ones along with Pinky and her team.

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