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Not marketing your business is like winking at a beautiful girl in the dark. No matter how useful your product is, people will not come to know unless you shout your product at the top of your lungs. I hope we all understand the importance of video advertising for a business, and in this article, we will learn to create animated explainer videos at an affordable price.

Not only do videos communicate the message in the most succinct way, but can also garner social signals for SEO through YouTube and Vimeo. You may argue that video production is a very expensive game. Any decent video production company will ask you at least $200-$500 for creating a good quality promotional video. I understand that is pretty much an amount for startups. We as a startup are always exploring innovative ways to get maximum benefits at minimum expense. I would say bang on! Here is the tool I discovered for creating videos at very affordable prices.

Video animation for business

MakeWebVideo is a DIY (Do It Yourself) animated/explainer video production service. Here you can create a variety of videos for varied purposes like brand promotion, explaining a concept/product, making viral videos, promoting your app etc. For the same, they have a wide range of high-quality video templates designed by professionals using Adobe After Effects.  The categories include 3-D design videos, cartoon videos, whiteboard videos, and a long list. Let us explore what all we get on MakeWebVideo:

Free to join and make videos:

The best part of this tool is that it lets you create free explainer videos for your product and company. The only hitch here is that if you have made an awesome video that you think can change your conversion rate, you need to pay to download it. Yes, it is a paid service! Because everything that is awesome is not always free, you have a cost to it. But those who have tried their hands at outsourcing video production would know that this tool is far cheaper and provides a great degree of flexibility to customise the videos according to your own needs. Only when you are fully satisfied and confident about the final product you need to pay. So, it is always a win for you.

No technical skills required:

Make professional, animated videos for your business by simply dragging and dropping. That is the USP of this tool- it is easy and it is fast. The final videos that you will get would be based on Adobe  After Effects that is considered to be the best video production software till date.


You float the requirement to get a promotional video made for your business and you may end up getting offers ranging from $500-$2000. Yeah! That is pretty much an amount. With MakeWebVideo create videos for free and if you are fully contented then you can purchase. Different templates are priced differently, starting from $29 for professional HD videos.

HTML5 supported video

After you have created the video on your favourite template you can download it in MP4 format without any watermark.Now you are good to upload your video to your Youtube channel, Facebook page and share it across all social media channels and show off your business.

How to create animated explainer videos for your business promotion

It is simple! Just head over to MakeWebVideo website, and create a free account.

Before creating the video keep following points in mind:

Videos are just a medium: The most important factor that decides the success of your video marketing strategy is the script of the video. Though the video should have a certain standard of quality, but at the end your message and engagement with the audience make you win their heart.

This is what Neil Patel did when he created an explainer video for CrazyEgg:

1- Introduction slide should state what your company does

2- Explain the problem

3- Create a transition

4- Show off your features

5- Tell people to sign up or buy

6- Answer any last objections

7- Use proof elements to seal the deal

According to the above, choose the template that best suits your need and click on the ‘Create Free Preview Video.’

Make Your Own Business Video - Cheap Animated Promo Videos


After you have chosen the right template you will be taken to the Video Production dashboard. Make sure you have watched the tutorial video. Here you will again get an option to watch a tutorial video, that guides you through the further steps.

Animated Business Promo Videos

Click on the Edit Graphics and change whatever you like, easily within minutes. You can use your own pictures, logo, text. Make sure you have clicked on the “Update Preview” before moving on to the next slide.

Animated Business Promo Videos - Marketing Video Maker


Save your final changes by clicking on the “Update Preview”. Now you can go back to the production studio by clicking “Go To Menu.”

You may also change the music of your video from hundreds of free tunes available by clicking on the “change music” in the production studio. To upload your own music select “upload file” and select the MP3 file from your computer.

You may find your previously saved work at “Your Videos.”  In the production, studio click on “Produce video” to get the final preview of your video. You can still make changes in the production studio to any part of the video. If you are fully happy with what you have created you may now download the final HD video without any watermark after making the payment.

VISIT: MakeWebVideo

Whiteboard animation videos

Whiteboard animations are my favourite of all the animated videos. It helps you introduce a product or service, sell an idea, or even to teach customers how to use a software program in a very familiar classroom kinds way. Here is an attached whiteboard animation video.



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