How to Invite All Friends to Like Your Business Page in One Click

One Click to Invite all Facebook Friends to an Event %2F Page

If you own a business page, you might understand what I mean when I say the process of inviting each friend to like your page is a ho-hum and monotonous task.

If you wish to ask a newly added friend to like your fan page, you will again have to scroll through the full list of friends to find that one name.

An icing on the cake is that the conversion rate sucks! that further steals your motivation to complete this annoying task. No matter how much you dislike this job, there is no doubt that having likes on your page increases your organic growth. The conversion rate, in my case, was around 50% for the family and close friends. Here conversion rate means the percentage of people who accept your invitation to like the page. But as you start inviting individuals who are not so close or are just Facebook friends, the conversion rate takes a steep dip and in my case, it was little more than 5%.

Unfortunately, Facebook does not have a “select all” or “invite all” button anywhere for the apparent reason – they want you to run the ad for your page. But here is a trick I recently discovered, and wanted my readers to know.

Step 1-Open your Chrome browser and Click on the following link

Invite All Friends on Facebook

Invite All Friends on Facebook - Chrome Web Store 2016-06-30 12-44-52

Click on “Add to Chrome” and download the extension. Since I have already added the extension to my Chrome, you can see the green button on the top right showing “Added to Chrome.”

Step 2: Invite Friends

Log in Facebook from your personal profile and visit your Business/Fan page. Click on invite friends (on the left widget). Now click on the tick mark on the top right of your search bar.

Invite All Friends on Facebook - Chrome Web Store 2016-06-30 08-00-02

Step 3: Wait for few seconds

The extension will scroll through your friend list and send the invitation to the ones who have not been invited. While you are waiting, you may start getting notifications of your friends accepting your request to like the page. Yes! It works that fast.

Invite All Friends on Facebook - Chrome Web Store 2016-06-30 12-45-30
Thus the app helps you save hours of monotonous work of scrolling, finding friends and sending them the invite.

Do share your experience with this extension.

  1. Profile photo of Tejas Gupta
    Tejas Gupta 1 year ago

    It was awesm. I wish you had posted this article before. wasted a lot of time inviting each 1by1. I own a page for Anna’s cake and Cookies. Would like to learn more such tricks.

  2. Profile photo of ranjana
    ranjana 1 year ago

    nice trick. I sent all my friends request to like my page in one click. Is there any app by which we can add all the friends to our FB group?

  3. Shashank vats 1 year ago

    Nice one.. thanks for sharing

  4. Rashik shetty 1 year ago


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