LuckyOrange Review- Track User Behaviour

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LuckyOrange is a tool that lets you track your users and understand their behaviour. It is a combination of useful features like session recording, heat maps, live chat, polls and form analytics. Thus, enabling you to make appropriate improvements in your websites, in line with your visitors expectations. In this LuckyOrange review, I have tried to put forward the main features of the tool and how much it is reliable.

Organic search results  heavily depend on the User Behaviour data. Hence, it is very important for you as a business to understand the needs and requirements of your customers  to rank high in the search results.

So, how do we know what problems our users are facing after they land on our website? Which parts of the site they like and are reading and which pages they are not? I think Google Analytics can very well answer most of the “What” and “which” questions like above. You may know how much time your users are spending on your site, the most popular page, bounce rate, a page with maximum exits. But it does not answer “why.”

LuckyOrange Review- A tool to track Users and understand their Behaviour

I am elated to share this awesome tool I discovered recently called LuckyOrange. It makes you sit on the shoulders of your customers and see what is working and what are the pain points of your website. It is like an eye opener. You can signup for a free 7 day trial of LuckyOrange and you don’t need a credit card for this. Place the tracking code on your website and you are good to go.


Below is the dashboard of Lucky Orange. All the features are neatly displayed in different tabs and are self-explanatory. On the dashboard you can get the basic analytics details like the number of live visitors, major region and countries they are from, page views, visits so far etc.

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After I subscribed for the free trial of LuckyOrange I was surprised to know that :

  • Some of the buttons on my website were taking much time to respond. The user had to click twice, thrice on the same button which should not happen.
  • Many of the visitors are coming from an old link where I promised to give a copy of “Five Startup Ideas that can be done with a job.” I removed the page later and forgot to redirect the page. So, the visitors were going empty hand.
  • Some pages I found where readers were expecting a direct link to the tools and applications that I was discussing.

And many more insights I got with this live analytics tool called LuckyOrange.

Although this tool gives you many insightful facts that you could have never come to know by any other method, but stillI would not recommend it as a substitute to Google Analytics. As we discussed earlier in this article that Google analytics give an answer to “What” and LuckyOrange tells you “Why” and is a complementary tool to Google Analytics.

For a better understanding, I have attached an explanatory video of LuckyOrange review. Let us see how this tool can help us understand our users.


You will be amazed to see the videos of your visitor’s interaction with your website. It feels as if you are watching their activities from their behind. Each visitor’s activity is recorded.

You can see the landing page through which they entered your site, what actions they took on that page, which page they visited after that, what was the last action they took before leaving your site etc.

Even if you don’t want a paid plan (which is quite cheap and worth $10) I would honestly recommend you to try the free version of this tool if you want your visitors to surprise you with their expectations.

Lucky Orange recording

This will help you see your site from your visitor’s eyes  and make some necessary improvements for a better user experience.


Chat is another useful feature of LuckyOrange that enables you to help your visitors in real time. You need to make yourself available for a chat by simply clicking on the button placed on the top right corner. Once you are live you can ping your active visitors if you find them (you can see your visitors activities live) struggling on your website for anything.

Isn’t it amazing? Well! There is more to it.

Heat maps

Heat maps give you a visual representation of your visitor’s activities in terms of mouse movements, clicks, and scrolls. These are important to know since these are the areas on your pages where you can place the most impactful content or call to action or something you are selling, for high conversion.

Lucky Orange mouse movements


Yes, this tool helps you extract the last valuable information from your visitors in the most humble manner.

This feature allows you to create a poll on your homepage and collect your visitor’s feedback on it. Like the one I created for my website.

Lucky Orange | create poll

Form Analytics

If you have a form on your website then there is yet another useful feature for you to gain some insights on your form. I discovered that people are taking more time on “Confirming Password”. Therefore, I checked the video to find that a person has to click twice and thrice before the button response. Now I am working to reduce the time to fill the registration form on my website.

Lucky Orange form analytics

I hope you would have got a fair idea after reading this LuckyOrange review about the usability of this tool. It can help you fix things on your website that you never knew existed. Although it is a gem of the tools, it is certainly priced quite low. However, if you don’t want to spend money at all, go ahead with the 7-day free trial and try to gain maximum insights for your website for free.


This post has been proofread by Grammarly.

Here is the video of LockyOrange review:



  1. Joshua 1 year ago


    I was a regular reader of exploringstartups (bookmarked your website in the browser) until you started promoting affiliate links. Mail Chimp, LuckOrange, Grammrly to name a few. It used to be a startup community but you have transformed it to a “MakeMoneyOnline” website.

    • Profile photo of Shweta Saxena Author
      Shweta Saxena 1 year ago

      Hi Joshua, we are sorry to hear about your disappointment. Although we promote only those tools or services that we actually find helpful and we think could be of some use to our entrepreneur friends. We have taken your suggestion and will soon be back with same platform for startup enthusiasts.

      • Joshua 1 year ago

        Hi Shweta,

        I appreciate your concern for your readers. Look forward to see the old exploring startups 🙂

  2. Rashik shetty 1 year ago

    Hi Shaweta I find your articles helpful. I have taken free trial of lucky orange and found the tool really helpful. We are planning something big on our website and would be taking a paid subscription after that for a month to check how new features are working. Keep sharing free and useful tools we need it. 🙂 N yes we also want the questions section back

  3. Deepak 1 year ago

    Yes it is a cheap tool , other tools for same purpose are not priced below $ 50 like mouseflow etc.

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