Market Nutrition – Reshaping the Preventive Healthcare Industry


The overall Indian healthcare market today is worth US$ 100 billion and is expected to grow to US$ 280 billion by 2020. That means a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 22.9 percent. This industry is going through a major transformation with Preventive Healthcare becoming quite popular among the youth. With more and more people becoming conscious towards health and lifestyle are attracted towards Nutrition, Ayurveda, Natural Therapy , Zumba classes, Yoga, Kickboxing , etc.

Realizing the importance of staying healthy, Arun Hirehal and Sindhu S Naik are giving a full gamut of preventive healthcare products and services on one of its kind platform called “Market Nutrition.” The team includes:

Arun Hirehal -An entrepreneur and technocrat with a decades’ experience in Semiconductor & IT Industry

Sindhu S Naik : An MBA graduate from IIM Ranchi, Specialised in HR & Digital Marketing with banking experience of more than 3 years

Other key members being Gokulnath Prasad, Nimesh Kanoth, Yuvaraj and Karthick.

Market Nutrition is a dedicated platform for Nutrition, Fitness,Organics, Sports, and Personal Care. It aggregates Professionals, Institutes/Organizations, Academies,Products/Suppliers , Sellers , Reseller and related services at a common point. Provides them a marketing platform for promoting and selling.

The first entity to aggregate, promote and market videos and video channels (YouTube) globally dedicated to Nutrition, Fitness, Organics & Personal care.” Says Sindhu, co-founder Market Nutrition.

Inception of Market Nutrition- Necessity is the mother of all invention

Most often entrepreneurs create tools that solve a real problem they have actually faced in their own life. So is the case with Market Nutrition. “Our personal experience in recovery towards ill health through food and fitness made us take this initiative to frame and design the Market Nutrition platform, ” said M. Arun, Founder. He had a severe migraine for many years which impacted his profession & career. He consulted many doctors and found no results & migraine consistently persisted. Finally, healthy food , yoga, and fitness helped him to overcome and conquer a migraine. This pain & failure became a strong commitment to design Market Nutrition.

Story So far

“It has been an interesting story so far. Scaling up the performance of the platform by increasing manpower , capital and keeping operating cost intact was the major challenge.We overcame this challenge by right strategies of outsourcing and finding cost effective solutions and measures.” Said Sindhu.

“We have learned to be patient,understanding and coping with the marketing dynamics on a daily basis, through the forecast , adapting to the market dynamics quickly and understanding the powerful role of digital media which is the best and first source to reach the user and partners as a whole.” She added.

Feathers in the cap

The startup has achieved over 70+ Aligned Partners in India and Globally with high appreciation and testimonials.

Market Nutrition has taken top positions on Google Video search and also Youtube search for more than 20 search words ( Globally). Few of them are – India Nutrition Market,Nutrition Market,India Fitness Market,Market Nutrition, Nutrition India Market,Fitness India Market,Market Nutrition India,Personal Trainer India,Sports Nutrition India,Best Sports Nutrition India, India sports nutrition, Nutrition Clinic India, India Nutrition clinic and much more.

The Road Ahead

Market Nutrition plans to scale up operations in all metro cities and in the second phase to cover all tier 2 cities in India and move towards Global operations. Introducing in-house designed value added products supporting fitness, food and healthcare industry is also on the cards in near future. We wish them luck in their endeavor to enable users live a healthy life by reducing the probability of falling sick.

Market Nutrition 

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