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India-based startup Jargon Handlers Software Solutions that was started as a Game Development company (designing online games) has gradually moved in the product development space after they started developing tools that work with Facebook. A majority of their products are compliant with Facebook’s Terms of Service and can be used to play Videos, conduct surveys, offer deals inside of a Facebook fan page.

The next big product that this startup is launching is called MemberHub. MemberHub is a SaaS based platform that lets users offer membership based online courses. On MemberHub one can create a completely new site, offering online courses, without any technical knowledge and that’s why the team call this tool “stupid- simple”.¬† The site comes with built-in templates and can be fully customised. Within minutes, you are good to upload your products. Let us learn more about this tool from the team.

Inception of MemberHub

“The product was a result of one of our needs. We wanted to have an online platform to offer membership courses. We researched the market and realized that there were two problems with almost all of the membership sites:

  1. Very Expensive

  2. Cumbersome procedure to design the course

So, we set out to design a tool that will address both these issues.” says MemberHub’s co-founder Karthik Ramani.

This problem led them to build an innovative platform to create professional membership sites. “MemberHub does NOT ONLY allow you to design courses but also has provisions to market it. The tool comes with a built-in sales page that is automatically generated based on the input given during creating the course,” says Aravind, Product Director.

Who are your target customers?

“Our target audience is anybody who has a course to offer. The course can be split into various modules and they will be able to provide role-based access to their end-customer.

For example, the membership portal owner can have different accesses like basic, pro and the likes.” mentions Karthik.

On the Cards

This awesome product is scheduled to be launched on 24 August 2016. In a limited launch, MemberHub will offer the tool at a one-time cost of $297. Later on, the tool will have a subscription fee of $247 per annum. Apart from MemberHub “We will launching two new tools by the end of 2 yrs.” confirms Karthik.

Online learning is a growing way to keep your skills up to date or learn entirely new skills. One of the exciting things about this market is how it allows individuals to create a business out of their expertise. With a tool like MemberHub, this market is poised to grow at an exponential growth rate.

Website: MemberHub


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