Hi, what are some good startups that can be easily done from home?


Hi I am komal and graduating this year. I want to have a startup that can be managed from home initially. Can anyone here suggest me some good options?

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Hi, you have not mentioned your areas of expertise?  what you can achieve depends on what you can do best and also the external factors. Now since you have limited external factors yourself (to work from home) your Startup options are even narrowed depending on your capabilities. So I am writing a general answer  for Startup ideas that can be done from home:


1-Affiliate marketing: Promote other company’s products and services on your website. When a sale is made, you get a commission. The products may vary from softwares to books to beauty products.


2- Blogging:  A chronological based website filled with articles, reviews, or journal-style writing. You can sell advertising or incorporate affiliate marketing on a blog to earn money. Most important skills needed:

Writing, social networking, affiliate marketing, web marketing


3- Selling Information products

Selling your expertise in various forms from bite sized reports to full fledged membership sites, people need what know and are willing to pay for it.

Most important skills needed

Copywriting, area of expertise, web marketing, customer service


4- Selling on e-commerce websites

This is exciting new ecommerce option that has opened wide over this last year.  You can sell products on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and they’ll even house and ship the products for you.

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thanks Shiv, I will explore all above areas but is there anything else more challenging? I am a quick learner and can good at implementation. The reason I want to work from home is my medical condition. I am not supposed to move for around six months but I cannot wait and waste my time. So I am looking for options that i can manage from home intially and later on full time.

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