How do book rental service works?


Hi Digvijay,

thanx for your quick reply!!

i am planning to start an e-commerce website for the books rental service .

since i am new to this,
so, want to know, how the books rental service is working & also
looking for some suggestion, which i should kept on my mind while working on this.


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Hi Ganesh,

Since I am an avid reader who is always eager to get hold of latest releases and bestsellers. I buy a lot of stuff from online rental store and my favourite stop is ‘Read India Read’. Apart from that there are many players in this market you may checkout their website

  1. BigBooksAvailable in Pune and Mumbai. Plans start at INR 200/month with no registration charges or deposit. I’m a member of this library and if you live in Pune or Mumbai this is the best option for you.
  2. JustBooksCLCAvailable in select cities including Pune, Bangalore, Chennai etc. Plans start at INR 300/month, INR 250 registration and a deposit of INR 500.
  3. LibraryWalaAvailable only in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Channai. Plans start at INR 110/month for 1 book with INR 500 registration and INR 500 as deposit.
  4. Friends of BooksBased in Delhi. Available across India. Starts at INR 200/month for 2 books and a deposit of INR 750.
  5. Book Me a BookAvailable only in Delhi. Starts at INR 600 for 6 months, 1 book/month. Deposit – INR 1000.
  6. Doorstep BooksAvailable in all major cities in India. Plan starts at INR 660 for months, INR 300 registration and INR 1000 as deposit.
  7. Kalib IndiaAvailable in Pune and Mumbai. Plans start at INR 150/month with INR 500 as deposit.
  8. EasyLibAvailable only in Bangalore. Plans start at 2500/year, 500 as deposit.
  9. Library At HomeAvailable in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Faridabad and Gaziabad. Plans start at 500/month with 160 as registration fees.
  10. Call In LibraryAvailable in Ahmdabad, Vadodara and Gandhinagar. Plans start at INR 600 for 3 months.
  11. Read India ReadAvailable in all major cities in India. Plans start at 220/month
  12. iLoveReadAvailable in Chennai and Coimbatore. Plans start at 250/month.
  13. JangooraAvailable in all major cities in India. Plans start at 399/month.
  14. BooksnMoresHoppyAvailable all over India and plans start at INR 250/month
  15. IndiaReadsAvailable in all major cities across India including Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata etc. The rent is on a per book basis and not monthly and it depends on the book price and how long you keep it.
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Thanx a lot Akshay :)

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there are too many websites and apps operating in this area along with big players like Olx, Quickr. Not just competing with the established players would be a challenge but other challenge includes:

1- convincing people share their books: very few of us read books but those who read love them above all

2- maintaining the quality of the books

3- if you go inventory based model its a huge investment and maintanance cost

All the best!

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Online rental platforms are gradually becoming a dominant force in the present e-commerce ecosystem. Reason being, today’s consumers prefer access over ownership, i.e. renting over purchasing. Amid the trend, it is no surprise that a great many number of aspiring entrepreneurs are planning to open online rental stores instead of traditional online shopping platforms.

if you want to start your rental based business website then checkout the Yo!rent, which serves as a turnkey solution to open online rental marketplaces like Gamefly & RedBox. Cool thing about Yo!Rent is that it can be easily customized to launch an online rental platform for any sort of rentable commodity such as books, movies, games, bikes, automobiles, and more. Visit here for more details:

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Hi Ganesh,

Welcome to Exploring Startups. Thanks for sharing your query on this platform.

Would you please elaborate more on the type of rental services you are talking about and through some more light on your idea.

This will help in getting the right answer.


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