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Hi there,

I’m out of Kolhapur and I’m unaware of this. I’m in the middle of creating a start up of my own and I’m in need of funding. The start up is directed towards educational institutions. Where should I start to find funding for my start up. Which is most likely to be successful. Any ideas are appreciated.



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Hi Akshay,

1- You can get in touch with Mr Mahesh Murthy (Managing Partner at Seedfund). They have invested in more than a couple of startups in education sector including

Edusports ( which teaches sports at over 125 schools to over 40,000 students

ThinkLabs ( which teaches robotics at over 100 schools

2- kaizen is an education only fund

3- Unitus Seed Fund is a sector agnostic early stage fund investing in for-profit startups that serve the low income populations in India. Hippocampus is one of their early investments and they do invest in startups in the Education space.

Other funds/investors who invests in education sector are

  1. Aavishkaar
  2. Acumen Fund
  3. Gray Ghost Ventures
  4. Omidyar Network
  5. The Chennai Angels
  6. Milestone Religare Investment Advisers
  7. India Equity Partners
  8. Gaja Capital
  9. SAIF Partners
  10. RVCF (Rajstan VC fund)

Checkout these articles, might help

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hi Akshay,

try to search for angel investors in your sector. try to find maximum number of competitors checkout how many of them have been funded and who has funded them. its easier to target angel investors. I f you find some angel investors in your area then contact them on facebook and linkedin.

be ready with a product prototype and and a 5minute speech about ur product. make sure u tell them what they want to know.




  • Akshay Halasangi
    Thanks for the reply. I’ll start looking for Angel Investors. As far as I know my product is unique and no other competitors for me. However this doesn’t mean that I’ll get the investors quickly. I just wanted to know if there are any Angel networks that I could go and demo my product to. If you know anything about it let me know.
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Top 10 Angel Investors in India

  1. Rajan Anandan
  2. Vijay Shekhar Sharma, PayTm
  3. Anupam Mittal
  4. Sharad Sharma
  5. Ravi Gururaj
  6. Rehan Yar Khan
  7. Vishal Gondal
  8. Rajesh Shawney
  9. Zishan Hayath
  10. Ganesh Krishnan

Now many of these investors have their own seed funds/syndicates and does investment through them.

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