Need co-founder & advice from anybody regarding - how to execute, idea validation


Hi Santosh,

I am from chandigarh and have a small business of wholesale retail. One of a known person to me started the same business in Chandigarh but there were many problems:

1- It was hard to convince people to use bicycle over car/bike. Demand was very low.

2- Hard to breakeven (due to low cost and less rentals)

one time charge= 30/- for a day

Monthly rental= 800/-

If you start with 20 cycles (minm), one costs 4000. your investment in cycle only is 80,000 and then overhead cost, operational cost, employees. If you plan to take it online then website making and maitaining cost. At least 3-4 lakhs of initial investment. How much demand you need to generate to break even in say 6 months.

Please check “demand” in your area. Thats very crucial for this business plan. Reach out to every body you know, dont know, on the street, vicinity, neighbourhood.  Ask them if they can would like to go by bicycle to their office?

Its a big revolution (to make every use bicycle to commute). If you succeed in making it “CYCLE CITY” then everybody will buy their own (why would he take on rent from you). If you cant then you have already failed.




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Hi Rohit,  Thank you for the advice its very practical & straight forward.. Even i thought abt operation cost, ROI seems very difficult but still brainstorming with people to how to make it profitable & sustainable business.





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Rohit, nice answer.

Santosh, brother, these were the exact two points that came to my mind while I was reading your post.

Demand and Scale

Though you may find out solution to this problem in an innovative ways, that’s what startups are suppose to do.


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