want to learn programming


Pardon me if I am bothering you with this basic question but I want to understand what it is actually? can anyone without a technical background learn it? if yes then in how much time?

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Hi Lokesh,

It would have been good if you could be more specific, like what is your current background and what you will do after programming? Do you want to target specific sector, like create websites or desktop / web applications via programming or mobile Apps and so on?

Programming is nothing but a technical set of instructions via which you enable automation for an individual or a company or business. It may vary from one language to another, like c++ has a different purpose as compared to PHP or JSP. Microsoft Windows that we use is based out of programming language and so are  your Microsoft tools, like MS Excel, Word, Powerpoint or other applications that you use are some of the examples.

Having said that, you can start with basic Web programming, like HTML and CSS that is easy to learn from website designing perspective. And, there are tools available to facilitate auto-generation of code to a certain extent as well.

Let me know if you need any further clarification.




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Programming is basically some set of instructions written in a particular format to achieve a desired result.

your question is very open and there are 1000s of languages that you can learn.

First of all you should think what you want to achieve then what are the languages that you have learn in achieving that.

Programming is actually a combination of two things

1 syntax

2 Logic

syntax of a language is a structure in which you have to write a program. It is kind of fixed for all the languages.

programming logic is something which you to develop and that will come only with practice.

first learn a language like c++ and try developing simple programs in it.

Eventually it will scale up your programming knowledge and concepts


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