What qualities/skills shall I have to become a successful entrepreneur?


Really wants to know the secret sauce why some startups becomes the unicorn and others fail miserably. ??

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Some of the qualities of a good entrepreneur are:

Confidence:  You would notice that the entrepreneurs are always bustling with confidence and positive attitude. If you are the one who loves challenges and have a very strong can do attitude, then you could make it big in business and you are meant to be an entrepreneur.It really takes a lot of confidence to go ahead and start a business.
Turbulent Attitude: There’s a lot into running a business and the real entrepreneurs are always ready to explore new territories. They cash in every single opportunity and not a single chance is missed by an entrepreneur. If you are enthusiastic about new business opportunities, then don’t waste your time anymore working for anyone else.  Jump right now into your own venture.

Patience:  Outstanding entrepreneurs always have the courage and perseverance to run the business. They are required to keep calm when their business is undergoing through the tough phase.  They have the tenacity to face hardships and they never deviate from their primary target.

Competitive:  Recall your favourite athlete and observe how he or she are always on the top and just feel their desire and dedication for the sport. Same dedication and hunger should be in every entrepreneur to be on the top and to take the business to new heights.  “Action speaks louder than the words”; Entrepreneurs show their competitive side through their successes.

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