working part-time with a startup which is sure to fail what should I do?


Hi folks! I keep answering on this platform with watever little knowledge I have about startups. Now I want your help. I work with a startup (home-made food delivery startup) in Bangalore, though part-time, which is facing its worst time. I had joined the startup in its initial phase, as a web-developer but now I dont see a great future here. I clueless what to do now. Your inputs and advice might help me take a good decision.Looking forward to hear from you guys!

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Hello mate,

How’s this for an answer. From what i gather you are a go-getter as well as have decent knowledge of web-development. I suggest you do this.

  1. If you have a startup idea go for it.
  2. If you think you can revive the company with some better marketing or better solution make sure you get recognized and be the part of management and try it out.
  3. If you want to work on a salary basis, get a NEW JOB RIGHT NOW as it is the most obvious thing that will come to mind.

What I would suggest is to know what you want to do for next 4 years right now. this is going to be your easiest decisions you could ever make. Just relax and be subjective about it. Hope this helps.


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Hi shaurya,

Though I dont have the answer to your question but somehow I could connect to your problem. I am MBA from IP university and had recieved a similar offer from a startup which I dont think can mark a dent in the universe. I chose learn from the wrongs they are doing and move on ;). We are not here to to do charity, look for your own selfish purpose and move on. I am not selfish , i am just being practical.


  • Shaurya Kumar
    Hey sonam, thanks for sharing your experience. Why I am in this dilemma is because I have become an integral part of the team which has supported me in my bad times. Now they bank on me for all their tech related problems. Moving on is not that simple I am emotionally and morally bound. But at the same time I am paying huge opportunity cost, I know I can do a lot worthwhile.
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Buddy I am already part of the management team. I look after the technical part and the major problem its facing is operational and finding a market for itself about which I cannot do much. Yes, I have few ideas that I would like to explore but dont get much time after job and this startup. As I answered sonam, I feel morally bound.

But you are right, I’ll have to think and act long term.

  • Akshay Halasangi
    @shaurya Keep it simple for now. Tech part is what you already know. The uncertainty is in the marketing and funding aspect. If you can help AWESOME. If you can’t find someone who can. If nothing works take the hard decision (By that time most people would have already taken it). Hopefully you won’t have to. Cheers!
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