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Delhi-NCR region has more than 12 Million Cars and 6 Million two-wheelers with a literate population of over 15 million and estimated 4 million ride share seekers. This has given rise to many startups in this sector coming up with lucrative solutions. The sector has also been able to catch the attention of investors.

Bla Bla Car Raised about $218 Million in Sept 2015 , Tripda raised $11 Million in Sept 2015 , Ibibo injected undisclosed amount in Ibibo Ryde .Recently, 360Ride has raised approx. $140k from angels. Zify raised $190k in Oct 2015.

Ridely is one such company, which is making ride sharing easy. RIDELY is a smart carpooling & ride-sharing application that let’s you share rides with verified people. The process of creating a ride is easy and smooth. RIDELY enables users to search and locate rides on an interactive map based interface. Users can check their ride offeror’s profile, cost, pickup and drop locations etc. before requesting for the ride. It allows sharing of cars and two-wheelers on its platform owned by people and is planning to provide sharing of hired Cabs/Autos. Ride sharing is real time with RIDELY, making it the most preferred option to commute daily, anywhere, anytime.

Let us know more about this startup straight from the founders.

How and when did the idea strike you?

During the first year of employment at Jabong Gurgaon, Ankur, Varun and Rachit had to travel long distances everyday with no sustained way of travelling from office to home and vice-versa. The existing services were not reliable and provided bad User Experience with poor route matching. With the advent of Uber & Ola, the commute was easier but way costlier than any other means. It was not possible to shed out Rs. 500–1200 everyday on daily office commutes. With these services in mind, RIDELY struck us. With RIDELY, we want to provide a middle ground for people wanting to commute daily in a safe, economical and comfortable manner while not compromising on features and experience.

Who are your competitors?

Ibibo Ryde, Zify, 360Ride, Tripda and Bla Bla Car are  some of the direct competitors.

Uber and Ola have recently joined with the carpool option.

How is your product different from your competitors?

With RIDELY, we take pride in our route matching & discovery mechanism.

With amazing User Experience and easy to use interface our Real-Time Ride Sharing feature allows you to pool a ride within no-time, no matter the ride is Inter-state or Intra-state.


We are keeping in mind flexible pricing, safety of users and a Robust verification and trust model.

Since our team has good experience in building payments systems , soon we are going to introduce a very easy and convenient cashless payment option with RIDELY making ride sharing all the way easier.

What are your future plans ?

We have many features planned such as Cab and auto sharing which will make cab and auto pools mainstream saving thousands of Rupees per day for users.

We will be adding a easy to use and convenient cashless payments system which will transfer money within a day to user’s bank accounts.

Bringing the ride sharing movement to everyday travel and keeping it alive.

We plan to provide curated services to many Organizations across Delhi-NCR in the near-future.

Our Map based interface can be used by many government and private organizations for Real-Time tracking and interaction of vehicles.

We are planning to raise funds from angels and investors soon.

What was the biggest challenge in your journey?

Making sure that the user gets the best of experience without compromising on any of the features like (exact pickup and drop locations, realtime ride tracking etc.)

What is the Funding Status of the company ? 

We have bootstrapped the company with a seed investment of $10k.

When it was founded ? 

We started working on Ridely from 1st November and got it registered as a private limited company on 1st Jan 2016 . We launched the public version of Ridely on 1st Jan 2016 , within 1st week of launch without spending even a single rupee on marketing we have received :
– 300 Facebook likes 

– 400 + unique visitors on website

– 103  Application download and registered users rated by 32 users with an average of 4.91 rating .

– we are growing with a rate of 20% every day in terms of registered users .

Tell us something about the co-founders ?

Varun Verma — (CEO & Chief Architect)

Varun built Techbits when he was 19. He developed and designed the architecture of Mobikwik Wallet from scratch and was part of core development team at Mobikwik. He also helped in scaling Jabong and built CMS and its Image delivery platform from scratch. He is a startup enthusiast, passionate architect and product guy, You will find him playing counter strike or discussing ideas in his free time. He holds a B-Tech degree in ECE.

Rachit Gupta — CTO

Rachit has contributed to LibreOffice during Google Summer of Code and built Jabong’s easily scalable catalog system from scratch. He is always ready to benchmark and try new technologies. He loves full stack development and holds a B-Tech degree in CSE.

Ankur Gaur — CPO & COO

Ankur is passionate about building products and can pick any technology quickly. He has worked on full stack development of many crucial products at Jabong as Software Engineer. He likes to work on Product Usability(UI & UX) along with Day to Day Operations to ensure the customers love the experience. He has built Ridely’s android app by himself. He holds a B-Tech degree in CSE.


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