About Us

Exploring Startups (ES) does not tell the world ‘Who You Are’ but ‘What You Are’. ES is a platform for connecting startup enthusiasts who have the knowledge and those who are in need of it. With ES, you can build your rich Profile by responding to the questions without compromising your personal networking site for professional networking. ES also helps you in showcasing your startup and its capabilities to the potential users.


Forums for startups: are a prominent feature of ES, where one can get a quick insight of the matter relating to startups and its ecosystem with a simple scroll of the thread. If the related thread is not present, then you may create one or submit your request to us. The content generated on the forum is by people like you, who want to learn something from the community in exchange for the knowledge about something else.

Making Groups: On Exploring Startups you can form a niche group of friends with common interests. The groups can be public, private or hidden.

Make your professional network: You can make your startup buddies here, chat with the individual members of Exploring Startups one to one.

Your ES Profile: The best way to benefit from this platform is to enhance your profile with intelligent and useful answers to Explorer’s questions. All the responses that you are giving are added to your profile, which could be looked-into by Founders, Investors, HRs and other Explorers. This would not only unearth your hidden potential but will also help in getting recruited or gaining business from potential leads.

Gone are the days of resumes and 15-minute interviews, new entrepreneurs are using better tools to select candidates. In this world where technology is evolving every day, what matters is the zeal of the person to learn and implement new things.

Entrepreneurship is a tough journey, and ES is making a small effort to make it a bit convenient by connecting you with the ones who really matter and at the same time giving you an opportunity to become the source of enlightenment for others. ES is our effort towards a utopian world ‘where knowledge is free, and the world has not been broken up into fragments.’[/vc_column_text][vc_custom_heading text=”What is in it for you?” google_fonts=”font_family:Libre%20Baskerville%3Aregular%2Citalic%2C700|font_style:400%20regular%3A400%3Anormal”][vc_column_text]

1- If you are an entrepreneur

Exploring Startups

Recruiting Team members and employees for your startup

We believe that the current recruitment procedure will soon adapt itself and evolve due to the changing requirements of the industry. The traditional methods of scrutinizing a resume followed by a short interview are no longer considered as the most efficient methods for recruiting. Thus, HR management teams of the companies, mostly startups are on constant lookout for innovative ways of recruiting potential candidates like browsing their Facebook and Quora profile.

Exploring Startups does not tell the world ”Who you are” but “What you are”. With a quick glance at a member’s profile, one can easily gauge the level of understanding and skill set of an individual.

Finding your co-founder

 Exploring Startups claims itself to be the only such platform where you can hunt for a sincere and capable co-founder. Since ES is a niche platform for startups focused discussions, you may find some serious people discussing your area of interest in deep details. You may easily browse through the answers and posts that other users are making on the platform and gauge their level of understanding. You are free to contact other Explorers, and you can also send them private messages.

Finding Investors

You may even find investors to fuel the growth of your startup. Since investors bet on the team more than the idea and business plan, show them your mettle and your USP through this platform.

Finding a trustworthy service provider

We are in continuous process of partnering with reliable service providers (web/app developers, hosting services, other ancillary services) to get you the best deal and help you in finding out the right consultant/ service providers.

2- If you are a wannapreneur

If you are a wannapreneur and want to understand the startup ecosystem then why not from the ones who have already “Been there and done that”. In this fast paced life it is very difficult to get a meeting or appointment from the desired ones, hence join us on this platform and you can get your chance to e-meet with a number of entrepreneurs.

3- If you wish to be a part of startup revolution by joining any startup as team/ co-founder

Start building your Profile on Exploring Startups and showcase your capabilities and enthusiasm to get noticed by the founders hunting for early team members and co-founders.

4- If you are a startup consultant/ developer/ any other service provider to startups

Answer the queries of the startups and potential startup founders, earn their trust and hook them in their early phase of starting up.

5- If you are an Investor 

From Paul Graham to famous startup gurus in India, all bet on the horses more than the idea. Many founders with non-IIT/IIM pedigree are also doing wonders in this space, but it becomes very difficult for the investors to unearth such hidden talent. We believe Exploring Startups can help the investors in choosing their dark horses.


If you have any further queries on the working of the platform you can drop us a mail at admin@exploringstartups.com or post your question on this forum. We are and will always be open to your feedback. Please share with us your views on Exploring Startups and help us in helping you.